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Play free Katana to be transported to ancient Japan and roam the distant plains as a Japanese samurai warrior looking to discover ancient treasures and mystical gold. Play free katana is one of the most advanced casino slot games in terms of the visual and sound effects, all of the different elements in the game add to the themed impact that the game is going for. The background in play free katana is ancient Japan and it looks very realistic, this game was once a land based casino game house hold name but the transformation of it into an online game has been handled wonderfully well and the graphics are a main reason behind this. The other main reason behind this is the sound effects they are electronic chiming noises that go off at different points during the game and there is also a continuous tune running throughout the game. The symbols used in play free katana all add to the effectiveness of the themed slot, the symbols are all authentic Japanese icon like swords, huts and temples there are also 10, J, Q, and K these more regular symbols are all done in a really unique and different Japanese font.

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The gamblers who want to win big will not be disappointed with play free katana as there are some fantastic bonus features up for grabs. The first bonus feature to be won in play free katana is the scatter bonus, where the player must get three or more scatters icons on the screen at the same time this then triggers ten bonus spins where the winnings can increase dramatically. The scatter symbols are samurai swords. During the ten bonus spins the symbols may expand over the reel and if this happens its happy days in ancient Japan as the winning fund goes up massively. The other bonus up for grabs in play free katana is the substitute feature, the symbol for this is the old Japanese man otherwise known as the Shogun. The Shogun will substitute into the symbol the player needs to help generate more winning potential for the player. Play free katana also has the gamble feature which can keep going for 100x making it a real opportunity for a lucky player to make some really big cash. The gamble works by the player being given the choice of a red or black card and this fifty / fifty gamble will result in a player either doubling or losing their winnings.

In conclusion play free katana a highly popular land based game that very successfully makes the move online through wonderful graphics and great sounds. The game has a very strong theme and all different physical elements of the slot game manage to enhance this feeling of the player being in ancient Japan. As well as taking the player to a distant far away land play free katana also gives the user a great chance to win big and this game through various interesting bonus options really delivers the goods for the real gamblers.