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If the player makes the decision to play free power stars they are in for a super charged adventure through the stars with the only goal being making lots of money. Play free power stars uses graphics with a great and powerful effect, the game revolves around the strongly coloured background. The background is a vibrant red colour which has darker surroundings and a lighter red in the middle, the title of the page is written in bold gold text which creates a really powerful display which matches the name and the feel of the game. The sound effects in play free power stars from Gaminator slots are constantly in play and are hyped up noises which are all built around the games fast paced turbo charged feel and really do add to the games overall feel. The symbols that are in use at play free power stars are all in keeping with the games power feel, all of the symbols are surrounded with flames so that they stand out better. The symbols include a bunch of grapes, a plum, a watermelon, an orange, a lemon, cherries and of course the power star. The power star is the ultimate symbol and it appears in great fashion with bright flames around it.

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Play free power stars is played on the famous five reel format; the five different reels give ten winlines for a player to aim for when they try to fill the right fruits in the right place. To win a player needs to get 3 or more symbols lined up from left to right across the board in addition to this they can also be in the middle three reels. The player should keep a keen eye out when playing free power stars for the wild symbol which is the power star. This power star can appear on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel and can be substituted for any other symbol on the board making it a great symbol to uncover. When the power star is activated it also expands over the reel and gives the player a free re-spin. Play free power stars also has a fantastic gamble feature which the user can use to double their winnings although on the flip side the player can lose everything. When this gamble feature is activated the user has to pick between either the red or the black card, this choice is based on luck but in play free power stars the user does have the ability to see what the previous card drawn out was.

When evaluating play free power slots the first words that spring to mind are fast and fun filled action. Players are taken on a journey through the stars when they play free power slots this is done through great graphic and sound effects. These graphic and sound effects combined with the highly powerful bonus features make this a fantastic casino slot offering which is highly recommended for anyone who wants bags of fun while they play.